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April 2024: Sexual Assault Awareness Month Events!


In April, Project R.E.S.T. was deeply engaged in raising awareness for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, joining forces with various empowering events. Our aim? To illuminate this pressing issue while fostering a sense of community safety and support. Throughout the month, we were part of impactful gatherings like the Sexual Assault Awareness Month Conference at Spartanburg Methodist College and the “Building Connected Communities” Conference at Limestone University. These platforms provided space for crucial discussions, from boosting awareness to tackling isolation and promoting connections.

But it wasn’t all talk. We rolled up our sleeves and got involved in events like “You Day” at the T.K. Gregg Community Center, where over 200 students from Spartanburg County came together to celebrate youth empowerment and service. Then, hitting the pavement at the Mary Black Rail Trail, we laced up for the Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Awareness Month 5K, sweating it out to spread the word.

A standout moment? Just days before the City of Spartanburg’s proclamation, Spartanburg County also declared its support for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, underscoring the community’s united front against sexual violence. And let’s not forget “Denim Day” for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, where our team proudly donned denim to spark conversations through fashion.

Participating in Sexual Assault Awareness Month isn’t just about ticking off boxes. It’s a vital step in nurturing a safer, more supportive society for survivors and in preventing future incidents of sexual violence. At Project R.E.S.T., we’re firm believers that together, we can build a world where everyone feels respected, empowered, and free from the threat of sexual violence. Let’s keep the momentum going!