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Brought to you by: Project R.E.S.T. & Our Host, SC Licensed Attorney / CEO, Krystal Watson

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S1 – E1  •  RELEASE DATE: 6/12/24

She Could Be… A Recording Artist

Special Guests: Licenced Therapist – Theresa Gomes (Owner, Anchoring Within) & Licensed Therapist – Alyshia Drain (Project Rest)

S1 – E2  •  COMING SOON: 6/20/24

She Could Be… LGBTQIA+

Special Guest: Zoe Daab, Clinical Coordinator for Underserved Communities (Project R.E.S.T.)

S1 – E3  •  RELEASE DATE: 7/11/24

Coming Soon

The “She Could Be” Podcast by Project R.E.S.T. will educate you, make you laugh, make you cry, and make you furious…. get ready because this will CHANGE the way you see Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in our communities. We’ll talk about gut wrenching, heart pounding, inconceivable, and absolutely shocking stories happening to 1 in 4 women in the United States. SHE COULD BE… your teacher, your real estate agent, your best friend…and you’d never know it. Our podcast is backed by industry experts from lawyers, to therapists, and even survivors. Join our mission to end DV and SA!


Although abuse disproportionately is more common with females, Project Rest also advocates for males and all members of the community. We look forward to sharing all of these stories and supporting all members of our community.

Do you have a story to share?

Do you have a unique story that you would like to share anonymously? A story of impact that might change someone else’s life? We want to hear from you while protecting your anonymity. Our team would like to work with you to share your story in a compassionate, anonymous setting. Please contact our team at: to share your story with us.

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