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Mayor Jerome Rice Declares April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Spartanburg: A Triumph for Project R.E.S.T.

Last month, Spartanburg’s Mayor, Jerome Rice, along with several Project R.E.S.T. staff, were present in the courthouse as Mayor Rice signed a proclamation for April to be recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Spartanburg. This was recognized as a huge success in the right direction of Project R.E.S.T.’s goal of ending sexual violence!

Let’s work together to Restore, Empower, Support and Transform those affected by domestic and sexual violence! Project R.E.S.T. is a private, non-profit organization providing a multi-faceted assistance program to victims of domestic violence in Spartanburg, Cherokee, and Union Counties, and victims of sexual assault in Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties. Want to learn more? Call us at (864) 583-9803.